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10 Most Costliest Coffee Varieties In The World

Coffee tops the list among the popular beverages in the planet. All of us yearn for a steaming cup of coffee to revitalize ourselves, amidst the daily chores. However, do you have any idea about the most costly coffees found across the globe? A list of ten most costliest varieties are provided below, while buying which, you are bound to give a second thought.

Luwak, Indonesia

This worldwide acclaimed coffee is originally exported from Lampung in Sumatra Island. Luwak is produced from the coffee beans that have been consumed and passed the digestive mechanism of mongoose. The variety is quite expensive, which can be bought for $160 per pound and are found in some shops in US.

Hacienda La Esmeralda

This coffee is quite costly, vastly due to its flavor and essence. The slope of Mount Baru in Boquete, western Panama nurtures an ideal condition for the growth of this coffee in the shadow of old Guava trees in the Hacienda La Esmerald. The coffee is available at $104 per pound.

St. Helena

St. Helena coffee is a variant produced in the St. Helen Island, which lies 1,200 miles from the coast of Africa. This coffee has gained immense popularity due to its distinguished flavor, which you can afford for $79 per pound.

El Injerto

El Injerto is one of the most admired coffees across the globe, which had topped the list in the 2006 cup of excellence. The Huehuetenango province in Guatemala is famed as the area of cultivation of El Injerto. You can get the coffee for $50 per pound.

Fazenda Santa Ines

Fazenda Santa Ines available in Minas Gerais located at Brazil was rated high in the cup of excellence in 2006. This coffee was introduced by a recognized café at Canada and two other cafes of Australia. The price of Fazenda Santa Ines coffee is $50, a pound.

Blue Mountain

The Jamaican Blue Mountain variety has received considerable appreciation due to its subtle flavor and less bitterness. Cultivated in the blue Mountain of Jamaica, the coffee became quite expensive during the last decade. This coffee is very famous in Japan and it imports nearly 80% of this coffee from Jamaica every year. Enjoy the coffee for $49 per pound.

Los Planes

Los Planes coffee plants are found on the Citala region in El Salvador and has achieved the second rank in the cup of excellence of 2006, scoring 93.52 out of 100. Relish a sip of the coffee for $40 per pound.

Hawaiian Kona

The unique natural condition of Kona contribute a special flavor to this Hawaiian Kona Coffee, which is grown on the slopes of the Hualalai and the Mauna Lao, situated in the north and south Kona districts of the Big Island of Hawaii. The coffee has received great admiration from the coffee lovers across the world. The price of the coffee is $34 per pound.

Starbucks Rwanda Blue Bourbon

Starbucks discovered these coffee beans in 2004, in Karengera and Gatare on the visit to the washing station in Rwanda. Since then, the cultivators primarily grow Rwanda Bourbon coffee beans as the prime crop. You can buy this coffee bean for $24 per pound.

Coffee Yauco Selecto AA

This coffee is highly acclaimed for its exotic taste and subtle flavor. The Yauco Area, which is the southwestern mountainous region of Puerto Rico is famous as the cultivation region of this coffee. Relish the coffee by loosening $24 per pound.

So, if you are a true coffee lover then do not forget to relish wish to relish a sip of any of these expensive coffees.

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